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Statutory Compliance Services

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To the ever-changing statutory environment calls for valuable time, effort and resource allocation, which otherwise can be spared to focus more on your core competency.

Career Ladder HR Solutions provide Statutory Compliance Services, ensuring all your statutory and legal requirements are met and remain 100% legally compliant.

Compliance Management Services

We offer full spectrum of compliance services for the following areas:

  • Employee’s Provident Fund
  • Gratuity Scheme
  • Superannuation Scheme
  • PF Establishment Registration@ EPFO
  • Employee Registration@ EPFO
  • PF Transfer Application
  • PF Awareness Session for Employees
  • PF Help Desk Services for Employees
  • PF Documentation Management
  • Monthly Returns- Remittance

S&E Compliance Services

We ensure that your organization complies fully with the provisions of state specific Shops & Establishments Act right from the registration to preparing and maintaining various Records and registers.

Factory Compliance Services

Our experts help factories comply with the various provisions of Factories ACT, 1948 including provisions related to:

  • Registration & day to day running of the factory
  • Labour Laws governing Working Hours, Eligibility and Minimum Wages of workers
  • Safety, health & welfare of the workers
  • Conducting audits and inspections

Payroll Compliance Management Services

Career Ladder HR Solutions provides regulatory and statutory compliances for PF, ESIC, Professional Tax, Labour Welfare Fund and other deductions. We help you effectively with:

  • Generating Statutory reports - filing of PF forms, challans and inspections.
  • Remittance of Taxes.
  • Preparing and submitting ESI wages and assisting on audits and inspections.

CLRA Management

Our experts in Contact Labour regulation management ensure that you periodically comply with all the provisions related to the Acts and effectively record, maintain and submit various registers including:

  • Muster roll
  • Register of wages
  • Register of deductions
  • Register of overtime
  • Register of fines
  • Register of advances
  • Wage Slip

Statutory Compliance Audit

We ensure that you get all the information / changes and other developments related to the governing Acts, record and manage registers pertaining to your premises maintenance and submit forms while allowing inspections as per need.